Useful Podcasts and Videos


Fallout: the legacy of Chernobyl A radio 4 programme by Nick Ross, broadcast in 2011 and featuring members of the Scientific Advisory Board and Pathology Panel


Professor Gerry Thomas

Titans of Nuclear A podcast on the Chernobyl accident, the CTB and health effects of nuclear accidents

Misconceptions over Health Impacts of Nuclear Accidents An interview for the UN University

Radiation Health Risks from Nuclear Accidents Facts and Fantasy Lecture at the Hawke Centre, University of South Australia in 2016

Radiation and Health Effects Interview on Today, Radio 4 on the 5th anniversary of the Fukishima accident

Is Nuclear Safe? Interview on ABC's The Science Show with Robyn Williams

Radiation and Health: Separating Scientific Facts from Urban Myths Interview for Imperial's Three Wise Women Christmas Blog 2019. Includes a link to 60 Minutes Australia programme Going Nuclear which features Gerry Thomas and shows a sample from the CTB

Why we shouldn't fear radiation Talk given in January 2020 for the Academic Health Science Centre at Imperial