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Researchers wishing to use the materials in the CTB should register with the CTB Biosample Search to access a comprehensive database of samples that are available and to prepare and submit an application to access the tissue bank. The biomaterials and research data in the CTB are available to researchers of approved projects anywhere in the world.

By using the search facility in the CTB Biosample Search, a researcher can define the type of sample and/or data required and obtain an instant read out of the availability of samples and data that match the search criteria. Applications can be made on the application form that can be downloaded here.  Applications are then reviewed and, once approved, biomaterials are sourced and shipped to the researcher. Samples are provided free of charge but shipping costs will be charged to the researchers. Access to additional research data, if requested, may be made available.

Researchers are strongly encouraged to publish their data and are asked to ensure that the CTB is acknowledged in any publications arising from their study. The aim of the CTB is to maximise the value of the research data derived from the unique tissue collection and researchers are therefore required to submit their research data back to the CTB.

The CTB will normally correspond with researchers if their project addresses similar questions, or is likely to produce results that complement other studies. Projects which have used, or are using, CTB materials are listed here.

More information about the CTB is summarised in the Fact Sheet (click here for access to the Fact Sheet). Some useful links to other organisations supporting thyroid cancer research or involved with tissue banking can be found here.