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Human Thyroid Tumor Cell Lines Derived from Different Tumor Types Present a Common Dedifferentiated Phenotype.
Wilma C.G. van Staveren, David Weiss Solis, Laurent Delys, Laurence Duprez, Guy Andry, Brigitte Franc, Gerry Thomas, Frederick Libert, Jacques E. Dumont, Vincent Detours, and Carine Maenhaut (2007). 
Cancer Res 2007; 67: (17). September 1, 2007. 67:8113-20

Genome wide gene expression profiling suggests distinct radiation susceptibilities in sporadic and post Chernobyl papillary thyroid cancers. 
Detours V, Delys L. Liebert F, Weiss Solis D, Bogdanova T, Dumont JE, Franc B, Thomas G, Maenhaut C (2007) 
B J Cancer 97: 818 - 825

Gene expression and the biological phenotype of papillary thyroid carcinomas. 
Delys L, Detours V, Franc B, Thomas G, Bogdanova T, Tronko M, Libert F, Dumont JE, and Maenhaut C (2007) 
Oncogene July 9 1-10. 26:7894-903