Access to Materials

Applications to access biomaterials and data must be submitted on-line via the CTB Portal. All applications for use of the bank are referred to an independent External Review Panel, which comprises experts nominated by the organisations which sponsor the project - the National Cancer Institute of the USA (NCI), and Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation of Japan (SMHF) - and the governments of the participating Eastern European countries (Ukraine and Russia).

An overview of the application review procedure is provided in the flow diagram below. Details of the review procedure and of the criteria on which an application will be evaluated are given in the Fact Sheet.

Schema for review of applications

Distribution of materials to a Principal Investigator whose project has been approved will be authorised subject to:

  1. receipt of a signed agreement from the Principal Investigator to conform to the conditions set out in the application form;
  2. modification of the number and size of samples required dependent on any amendments by the External Review Panel and the availability of the material.

Each sample of nucleic acid or serum will be identified by a CTB sample number and accompanied by a minimum data set comprising the following information:

  • age at accident - complying with HIPAA regulations
  • age at operation - complying with HIPAA regulations
  • sex 
  • oblast of residence
  • International Pathology Review Panel diagnosis.

If a project requires more clinical information than the minimum data set this must be stated clearly in the application, particularly if this is an essential component of the project. Any such project will normally be carried out as a collaboration with the NIS institute involved and, where appropriate, approval of the relevant Ethical Committee must be sought.

Where possible, material for a given project will be provided in one batch, however, in some cases, provision may have to be made over a period of time.